Electrical Cables

Project Description

Corks imports and supplies Electrical Cables of various types, sizes and capacity at each Clients’ Specification and International Standards. Cables are mainly for Power Distribution, Power Transmission and Communication which is used in a wide range of configurations.
Outsourcing from top manufacturers across the global market with the highest standards is our hallmark. For power distribution and transmission cables, we specialize mainly in Underground Cables and Overhead Powerlines.


Both electrical and telecom sectors

  • Power transmission
  • Power distribution
  • Communication
  • Radio frequency
  • Uninterrupted data transmission


Typically conductors suspended from electrical towers and poles to transmit power over long distance and conductors used are completely bare and made from aluminium. Types include;

  • All Aluminium Conductor (AAC)
  • All Aluminium Alloy Conductor (AAAC)
  • Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR)
  • Aluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced (ACAR)


Typically consists of a conductor(s) covered by a number of insulating and protective layers necessary for its satisfactory operation. Classified into;

  • Construction of cable
  • Voltage rating of the cable
  • Number of conductors in the cable
  • Installation and Laying of the cables
  • Type and thickness of insulation used

Overview & Gallery

Electrical cable is an assembly of one or more wires running side by side or bundled inside a common sheathing and used to carry electric current. Also used to connect two or more devices enabling the transfer of electrical signals or power from one device to others. Cables come in varying sizes, capacity, purpose of use, place of use, etc. and this includes Coaxial, Communications, Direct-buried, Flexible, Helix, Non-metallic sheathed (NM, NM-B), Metallic sheathed (armoured cable), Multicore cable, Paired cable, Portable cord, etc.