The project will be constructed by our competent EPC partner, supervised by Corks Energy’s technical experts.

Operation, Maintenance & Asset Management

Corks Energy shall be the owner of the plant for the entire contract period before transferring to the offtaker. We shall manage, operate and maintain the plant in accordance with industry regulations.

Project Description

Is a proposed 20MW Embedded Thermal Power Plant (TEPP) to be located in Tema. It’s located to the east of Tema industrial area in the Greater Accra Region and west of Kpone township. It can be reached by a paved road from the Tema Oil Refinery road towards VALCO properties. Features and advantages of the site that dictated its selection for the power plant are; adequacy and availability of land space, minimal social impact, and fuel supply infrastructure. It’s flat and well compacted and is generally well drained.

The technology being considered comprises a natural gas & Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) / Distillate Fuel Oil (DFO) fired caterpillar CM46DF 50Hz engine. These engines are common and in operation all over the world and a number of Independent Power Producers are considering this technology for their projects. 

Its auxiliaries will be designed and integrated to include all cooling, fuel, exhaust, air connections, control and instrumentation systems required to operate and monitor the engine-generator set system.  

The site is already demarcated as an industrial zone which is well developed. The land is already walled for the project and therefore requires no resettlement of dwellings. Accordingly, minimal social impact and disruption is expected from implementation of the Project.

For the grid interconnection, power generated can be evacuated through the ECG Tema BSP / Smelter II BSP or through the ECG OLAM substation which are along the project site in Tema.

Fuel supply to the site will be along the RoW of Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) to the on-site fuel storage tanks with treatment systems.

Project Benefit

  • Reliable low-cost power
  • Job creation
  • Power availability & reliability
  • Minimal power losses during evacuation
  • Avoidance of erratic power supply from the national grid system

Advantage of Embedded Generation

The advantage of Embedded power generation as compared to the conventional power generation is in the evacuation of power to the customer directly void of the national grid, which creates disturbances to the system