Electrical Transformers

Project Description

CEL imports and supplies transformers of various types and sizes to different clients whiles adhering to client strict specifications and standards.

Electrical transformers transfer electricity from one circuit to another with changing voltage level but no frequency change & also used for increasing or decreasing the alternating voltages in electric power applications. Mainly, they share some common features regardless of their type and this includes, frequency of input and output power is the same, electromagnetic induction laws, the primary and secondary coils are devoid of electrical connection, no moving parts are required to transfer energy & most transformers are very efficient, delivering between 94% to 96% energy at full load amongst others.

Various specific electrical application designs require a variety of transformer types, although they all share the basic characteristic of transformer principles.


  • Both indoor & outdoor applications in oil type
  • Utilities, industries, commercial and residential applications
  • Directly mounted HV and LV equipment to save cost


CEL supplies small to medium & a wide range of oil filled with naturally cooled power transformers which can be used in a wide range of configurations. We also supply distribution transformers, including step-up and step-down units to the global market.

Our current range extends from 33kV, 11kV & 250V single or three phase pole mounted to ground mounted distribution transformers with rated frequency of 50Hz . All of which meets all standard manufacturing requirements from IEC to ASTM & to ISO.