Corks Energy Ltd.  is emerging as one of Ghana’s largest industry. The group operates across multiple sectors including the thermal, renewable, infrastructure & supply of electrical distribution materials amongst others.

Corks started by engaging in the haulage of petroleum products, supply of electrical distribution materials & services to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), etc., and has over the years achieved great heights through the involvement of proven technologies from trusted manufacturers across the globe.

Thermal & Renewable Energy

We have also diversified into Captive Power Generation, where we target direct bulk power customers.

Through our reliable & efficient services, we have obtained two (2) separated licences in the power generation industry from the Energy Commission, Ghana and have also signed two (2) Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with ECG to generate & sell power:

  • To build & operate a 420MW (ISO) Thermal Power Plant, Tema
  • To build & operate a 20MW Embedded Thermal Power Plant, Tema Industrial enclave

As part of our renewable energy portfolio, we are developing both grid-tied and hybrid solar system for our clients in the Bono-East and Northern part of Ghana.

Our team is made up of technical personnel who have the right expertise, combined with years of experience. It has expanded its portfolio to include O&M engineering services. One thing that has not and will never change is our commitment to engineering a better way. Our safety standards & customer satisfaction is our top priority and the heart of our business.

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Keeping us on our toes; is their hallmark.

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